About Hydrotec Trench Drains

HYDROTEC is a leading manufacturer of Trench Drain Systems from Germany. HYDROTEC offers an improved channel that manages storm water and runoff. The HYDROTEC drains are built from fiber reinforced concrete, which makes them more durable and easier to install.

HYDROTEC Trench Drains have many applications including walkways, athletic arenas, transportation facilities and airports.

About DuMoore Systems

DuMoore Systems is a supplier of surface drainage systems; pre-cast and custom fabricated trench drains, catch basins, area drains and a variety of cast iron, steel, aluminum, plastic and fiberglass gratings. Our modular trench drain systems offer many advantages over traditional trench drains. They have superior chemical resistance. Their simplified installation techniques save time and money. And the uniformity of the finished product is unparalleled. Almost any design configuration can be met with these versatile systems.

For the past twenty five years, clients have utilized our products in many residential, commercial and industrial projects, such as car and truck service facilities, tennis courts, waste water treatment plants, ports, driveways, pools, zoos, animal clinics, airports, food and chemical processing plants, truck docks and road construction, just to name a few applications.

At DuMoore Systems we offer design assistance at no cost to our customers.

DuMoore Systems maintains a large inventory and most orders will ship the same day.

Give us a call. We would like to "DuMoore" for you!

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